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Ruthie Chen


Chicago Headquarters

I am a designer and writer. My design knowledge is self-taught, and developed tangentially to my love of literature – though both pull from the same underlying need to understand the narratives that saturate our everyday lives. I approach design challenges in much the same way as English courses analyze critical texts: as problems that require articulate and precise solutions. This combination of visual and written communication allows me to bring an interdisciplinary perspective to each project, spurring innovation through storytelling.

With experience in communication design, brand identity, and marketing, I specialize in creating user-centric solutions for clients ranging from boutique design firms to Fortune 500 companies. I have worked across various industries, including publishing, financial services, healthcare, interior architecture, manufacturing, and oil & gas. Over the years, my career has taken me to Houston, New York, Baltimore, and Sydney, Australia.

Outside of the office, I can be found sweating at hot yoga, cooking healthy meals, and volunteering with initiatives dedicated to empowering minority voices.


BA in English – Johns Hopkins University

What Inspires Me

Toni Morrison novels, space travel, college commencement speeches, my friends and family