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Samantha Ruiz

Client Leadership, Design, Insights

New York

I am a design strategist who is passionate about solving complex innovation challenges to influence the way organizations act on strategy and drive transformational change. At Doblin, I lead innovation programs and work with multi-disciplinary teams to design and build new propositions, businesses and experiences that delight consumers and create value for our clients.

I love to travel and have made this a big part of my job. I get inspired by the stories I hear in the field and the cultural and socio-economical challenges that shape innovation around the world. Besides the United States, my experience includes Latin America, Asia, Africa and Western Europe.

I moved my life to London a few years ago to open our first Doblin office in Europe. During this time, I have been focusing my work in building our team and creating the necessary conditions to deliver great work—which I absolutely enjoy. When not working, I love to cook, ride my bike, meet new people and use any opportunity I have to hang out with family and friends.


MDes – Institute of Design, IIT, Chicago; BFA in Visual Communications – University of Arizona

What Inspires Me

Culture, art, nature and family